Spices of South Asia: a seven decades’ trail

On 11th November, Wolfson College Cambridge Fine Arts Committee and the Need for Nutrition Education/Innovation Programme (NNEdPro), via its inter-disciplinary Global Centre for Nutrition and Health in Cambridge, held an event – Spices of South Asia: a seven decades’ trail. This was part of the exhibition Representing Partition: India and Pakistan at Wolfson College Cambridge.

This programme as a whole is part of the University’s India Unboxed series (which marks 70 years since India and Pakistan became independent sovereign nations) and runs alongside other exhibitions in University of Cambridge Museums and at the Centre of South Asian Studies.

Through this event we aimed to promote public understanding of the shared cultural heritage between India and Pakistan as well as South Asia and Britain, using the medium of food, nutrition and spices to explore themes ranging from the arts and humanities through to science, health and society.


2.30pm Opening remarks and discourse:
Margaret Greeves FRSA, Wolfson
Lord Richard Balfe FRSS, NNEdPro
Lord Diljit Rana MBE
Professor Sadaf Farooqi FMedSci

2.55pm A Spice Trail from the Khyber Pass to the Sindh Valley and beyond: Panel 1
Saeeda Ahmed MA – Spices of Pakistan and its frontiers
Dr Minha Rajput-Ray – The Spice Journey across India, Africa and the seven seas

3.20pm Refreshments and viewing of displays including artwork and NNEdPro’s Teaching Kitchens Initiative

3.40pm The Spice of Life: from food on our plates to nutrition and health: Panel 2
Nikitah Ray, Rama Rajput and Urszula Sobanda – South Asian foods and spices in Britain today
Dr Glenys Jones with Professor Daniele Del Rio KC – South Asian food, spices and human health

4.20pm A Touch of South Asian Performing Arts including poetry and dance by Divya Ram Kumar and Colleagues

5.00pm Close and Viewing of Main India-Pakistan Exhibition
Co-chairs: Cleo Roberts (Wolfson College Visiting Research Associate) and Professor Sumantra ‘Shumone’ Ray (Wolfson College Fellow)

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