NNEdPro Chair Prof Ray appears on BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme

Doctor’s Orders: Getting Tomorrow’s Medics Cooking

Professor Sumantra Ray, NNEdPro Chair, Dr Rangan Chatterjee (BBC One’s Doctor In The House), Dr Michael Mosley, (BBC Two’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor) and Dr Rupy Aujla (The Doctor’s Kitchen) recently took part in “Doctor’s Orders: Getting Tomorrow’s Medics Cooking” on the The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4 to discuss how something as simple as increasing the level of nutrition education available to tomorrow’s doctors and other health professionals could help deal with the shocking levels of lifestyle-related illnesses in the UK. Public Health England estimates that these illnesses cost £11 billion every year to treat – a devastating amount for our struggling NHS.

In the programme, Professor Ray describes a decade of work which could soon see widespread training for trainee doctors, and the success that NNEdPro has already had with introducing clinical and public health nutrition training into Cambridge’s undergraduate medical curriculum.


(photo credit: Getty images / BBC)

Coverage of this programme:

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