Wolfson College Cambridge Highlight 10 Years of NNEdPro!

NNEdPro Wolfson

We were delighted to read a recent article from Wolfson College Cambridge, which highlights 10 years of NNEdPro – click here to read the full article: NNEdPro celebrates 10 years of nutrition education and innovation

NNEdPro has strong connections with Wolfson: Prof Shumone Ray, NNEdPro Chair and Executive Director, is a Wolfson Fellow; Pauline Douglas, RD, NNEdPro Vice-Chair and Education Director, has been a Visiting Scholar and College Research Associate at Wolfson; Dr Minha Rajput-Ray, NNEdPro Medical Director, is a College Research Associate;  and Prof (Comm) Daniele Del Rio, NNEdPro Scientific Director, has also been a Visiting Scholar and Visiting Fellow at Wolfson. Many NNEdPro Members have also been part of an academic visitor scheme at Wolfson over 2015-17 and the Lord Balfe of Dulwich, NNEdPro Honorary President, is a Senior Member of Wolfson.

As we reflect on the relationships and collaborations that have enabled NNEdPro to grow to a Global Centre for Nutrition and Health in our 10th year, we are especially grateful to Wolfson College Cambridge for hosting our Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition!

Are you a professional or a student with an interest in nutrition? Join us for our 2018 Summer School, which will take place at Wolfson 14th-18th July – for more information, please visit: http://www.nnedpro.org.uk/summer-school/4594218327



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