Summer School Stories: Helena Trigueiro


My name is Helena Trigueiro and I am a Portuguese trainee Dietitian, soon to be registered by the Dietitians Portuguese Council. When I was in high school my passion for food and health resulted in me falling in love with nutrition. I applied to the University of Porto where I studied Food Sciences and Nutrition, and later continued as a Masters’ student.

Her thoughts on discovering & attending Summer School 2018

pho_testimonial_SS18_Helena (4)Throughout Christmas break I was searching online for a University summer course/school. My purpose was to enlarge my knowledge in nutrition and have a strong academic experience. When I found NNEdPro’s Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition and read the course outline I knew it was the place to be.

The course content is extremely diverse: you can be learning about body composition in one morning, and in the next one be exploring case-studies or scientific papers. This remarkable chance to hear lecturers from all over the world is joined by their generosity in sharing information and data.

pho_testimonial_SS18_Helena (3)Besides that, you have a mentor during the week to guide through the different tasks and make sure you can deliver your best work. I was marvelled when I realised how approachable and friendly everyone was, and how easy it was to feel welcomed and comfortable. Furthermore, the organising committee and core team are extremely efficient and affable, so they make sure the learning environment is perfect.

Top Tips from Helena

pho_testimonial_SS18_Helena (5)If I could advice future summer school students, I would tell them to don’t be afraid to talk to the other candidates, lecturers and the NNEdPro team. Engage, share and learn!

Another thing I would say would be to enjoy the experience outside the lectures: socialise, visit Cambridge and enrol in the evening activities NNEdPro suggests for you, it will be well worth it!Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Finally, this experience is very short but very intense: be a sponge. Ask when you don’t understand something, try to acquire as much knowledge as you can… and be happy.

I am very honoured and very glad that I had this experience, I would unquestionably recommend it and it was one of the highlights of my year. Thank you NNEdPro!

Helena, Summer School / IANE 2018 

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